Схождение передних колес нива 21213 своими руками


Схождение передних колес Нива 21213 своими руками

The Lada Niva 21213 is known for its off-road capabilities and reliability, but one issue that many owners have encountered is the convergence of the front wheels. This can cause uneven tire wear and affect the vehicle’s handling. While it’s a common issue, it’s not difficult to fix with a few tools and some patience. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at how to converge the front wheels of a Lada Niva 21213 on your own.

Before you start, make sure you have the following tools:

— Jack and jack stands
— Wrench
— Measuring tape
— Straightedge
— Adjustable wrench
— Screwdriver
— Socket set

Step 1: Jack up the car

The first step is to jack up the front of the car and place it safely on jack stands. You can find the Lada Niva 21213 jack points on the sides of the car, just behind the front wheels. Make sure the car is level and secure before proceeding.

Step 2: Remove the wheels

Using your wrench, remove the bolts holding the wheels in place and carefully remove them. Set them aside in a safe place.

Step 3: Check the convergence

With the wheels removed, you can now check the convergence of the front wheels. This can be done by measuring the distance between the centers of the front wheels at the front and back of the tires. You can do this using a measuring tape or a laser alignment tool for greater precision.

If the distance is different at the front and back, then the wheels are not aligned. To converge the wheels, you need to adjust the tie rod ends.

Step 4: Adjust the tie rod ends

The tie rod ends are located on the steering arms and connect the steering to the front wheels. To adjust them, you need to use an adjustable wrench to loosen the lock nut on the tie rod end.

Next, use a screwdriver to turn the tie rod end. Turning it clockwise will make the distance between the wheels at the front of the tires shorter, while turning it counter-clockwise will make the distance longer.

Adjust the tie rod ends until the distance between the wheels is equal at the front and back of the tires. Do this for both sides.

Step 5: Reassemble the wheels

With the convergence of the front wheels adjusted, you can reassemble the wheels. Put the wheels back on and tighten the bolts.

Step 6: Test drive and make final adjustments

Take the car for a test drive and see how it handles. If it’s still pulling to one side or the other, you may need to make some final adjustments. You can do this by loosening the lock nuts on the tie rod ends again and making small adjustments until everything feels balanced.

In conclusion, the convergence of the front wheels on a Lada Niva 21213 is a simple fix that can be done at home with a few basic tools. By following these steps, you can ensure that your vehicle handles properly and gets the most out of its off-road capabilities. If you’re unsure or uncomfortable doing it yourself, consider taking the car to a professional mechanic.

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